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Customer Care & return policy

At Rock Falls Coffee Company, we pride ourselves in fresh coffee. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your coffee, please reach out to us so we can make it right. Whether its helping you to find a better coffee match for your palette or correcting an error on our part, our goal is to help you experience a better cup of coffee, hassle free. If you find that you are simply not happy with your coffee selection, send us a message. We'll exchange the unused coffee beans for a full refund!

what is the roasting and shipping schedule?

We make every effort to get your order to you as quickly as possible. For orders placed Mon - Thur: Orders are delivered/shipped within 48 hours of being placed. 

For orders placed Fri - Sun: orders usually roast Monday and ship Tuesday.

Usual delivery time within our delivery zone is afternoon, Mon - Fri.

For orders outside our delivery zone, anticipate shipping to take 2-5 business days after your order is placed. If you know you will see Tyler or Amanda, and would like to receive your order in person, please select "PICKUP" in your order. We will hold your order until we see you next. 

Delivery Radius: 7 miles

What kind of Payment Methods are accepted?

- Credit / Debit Cards in person and online

- Cash in person

- Checks

What is degassing?

When coffee is roasted, there is a myriad of physical and chemical changes that occur within the coffee bean as heat is applied. Some of these processes continue even after the roasting process is complete. As the roasted coffee bean rests after roasting, it emits carbon dioxide as a natural biproduct of the transformation process. As the carbon dioxide is released, flavors develop. After the first 24 hours of a bean being roasted, almost half the trapped CO2 has escaped. You can absolutely brew your beans after this 24 hour window and have a great cup of coffee, but we've found that brewing a week after roasting produces the best cup. Brewing before this time will produce a cup that hasn't reached its fullest potential because of CO2 interruptions in the extraction process. Basically there's too much gas trying to get out while water is trying to make contact with the coffee grounds. This is the biggest obstacle in drip and pour-over brew methods when making coffee that hasn't rested long enough, but is largely avoided by using a French press because of the amount of time the water has to make contact with the coffee grounds. So when you place your order, order ahead and age your beans a few days after they arrive depending on your brew method.

What is oxidization?

As the coffee beans release their CO2, oxygen simultaniously begins affecting the bean. This process begins the decline of the coffee flavors. Perfectly rested, fresh coffee still has CO2 present, but the oxidization process hasn't dispelled the volatile oils responsible for complex flavors. Once these delicate oils oxidize and the majority of CO2 has been released, you get stale coffee. And while you can drink coffee in that state (even years later) it is bitter, often too acidic, and compiles the majority of what is found on commercial store shelves. 

Oxidization is accelerated through the grinding of coffee beans. Even the best cup of premium coffee can be ruined by grinding beans too far in advance of brewing. Even though we offer grinding for our beans, oxidization is why we recommend our customers purchase their own grinder and grind coffee as needed to optimize flavor and experience the best cup of coffee possible. If you want help finding the best grinder for you, reach out to us!

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