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family run

Meet Tyler & Amanda Doyle

First and foremost, we believe that establishing and maintaining a family is one of the most joyful, worthwhile and important endeavors we can undertake. Our concept of family forms and directs all aspects of our lives, including business. The principles that unite us as a family carry over to all relationships, which translates into honest and relational customer service. 

Additionally, we see the foundational importance of the family unit and how it influences communities. That's why we prioritize family and mutually fulfilling and beneficial relationships with others. We believe these relationships make us all better off.

local focus

slippery rock, Pa

Using our understanding of how we are better together, we are utilizing our influence to impact our community even more. Already serving our community through business networking, children's education, and helping others through Christ-centered spiritual growth, we know that providing local, fresh roasted coffee brings a great product to our community. Additionally, local business strengthens local economy. We love investing in relationships with our neighbors and networking with local impactors. 

Image by Laureen Missaire

for the love of coffee

taste the difference

We love coffee. Especially since we tasted freshly roasted coffee. Having always brewed store bought, large scale, commercial coffee that was ages old, we never knew how many diverse flavors and aromas we were missing! We quickly realized many other people don't know the wonders of a truly fresh cup of coffee, so we started Rock Falls Coffee Company. We are excited to share small batch, locally roasted coffee with naturally occurring flavors like chocolate, toasted oats, with unexpected nuances like floral bouquets, plum, apricot, banana, and more! Get your fresh coffee today and experience for yourself our passion for great coffee.

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