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You have never had Columbian coffee like this before! This beautiful coffee from the high mountain region of Columbia is sweet and smooth; delightful brown sugary sweetness melts into subtle jammy notes of cooked stonefruit. Although this is a lighter roast, don't expect high acid or glaring brightness in the cup. All the tasting notes play a lovely, harmonious symphony that you'll be happy to settle into again and again.



This lot comes from Narino in Southern Columbia and is a bit of a rarity, as the beans are honey-processed by hand, something not common coming out of Columbia. Honey-processing is when fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped and allowed to dry without washing. This processing method tends to offer a more complex cup than a washed bean.

**If you would like to have your order ground, please leave a note in the customer notes section letting us know. Thank you!


ELEVATION: 5000-7800 ft

TASTING NOTES: Brown sugar, honey, cranberry, red apple, stonefruit

VARIETALS: Caturra, Columbia


ROAST LEVEL: Medium Light

NOTES FOR BREWING: Drip, Pourover, Espresso

DEGASSING: 2-4 days


INFO ON ORIGIN: Narino is in Southern Columbia, these beans are grown in the Aponte microregion by Campo Guerrero and recieve a special honey-process by hand.

Columbian Honey

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    PLEASE NOTE: Orders for ground beans may require additional processing time to allow for proper degassing. We recommend our customers grind at home for faster delivery.

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