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What a story this coffee has! Carolina (karo - LEENA) Posada is a third generation coffee farmer from San Gabriel Farm in the Antioquia region of the Andes. She stopped by our roastery to share the story behind the coffee her family produces in Colombia. You can read more about her story here (


With her entrepreneurial edge, we see her miles ahead in the coffee grower industry. She is working to get her quality beans into the hands of roasters by skipping traditional export avenues and going directly to the roaster and cultivating relationships. She is incredibly hard working, forward thinking, and passionate about the coffee they grow. She seeks to support other women in the coffee industry worldwide and diligently pursues excellence in coffee. We are delighted to be a part of her expansion into western PA.


Grown at 5500ft, this higher altitude coffee boasts a spectrum of pleasant notes. It is incredibly balanced. Bright notes of citrus-pineapple give way to berry notes followed by brown sugar notes. This coffee has been a pleasure to work with and experience!



TASTING NOTES: Balanced, Pineapple/Citrus, Brown Sugar, Berry




NOTES FOR BREWING: Great for pour over, drip, cold brew

DEGASSING: 3-5 days


INFO ON ORIGIN: From the San Gabriel farm in Columbia, please see Carolina Posada’s website HERE.

Colombia Mina Rica San Gabriel Coffee

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