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Purchase an Airscape Canister and select 2 coffees of your choice. If you would like your coffee ground, please note in your order.


Most food storage canisters are “airtight,” which means they trap air in with the contents. The Airscape® canister’s patented inner lid forces out excess air when pressed down to contents. Flip the handle to lock the valve and prevent further oxygen exchange until opened again. This means, unlike traditional canisters that merely keep coffee in a sealed container, the Airscape® coffee canisters actively preserve the freshness and flavor of your coffee by removing the air from the canister. The key to this preservation is the patented inner lid with the two-way valve and how it expels the air from the canister. The Airscape® storage canisters protect your coffee from moisture, light and other environmental factors that can cause it to go stale or lose its flavor. The results are coffee that stays fresher longer, so you can enjoy the full, rich flavor for days, weeks or even months after filling your Airscape®. Additionally, the Airscape® canisters are made from high-quality, BPA-free materials designed to last. The canisters are scratch-resistant, dishwasher safe and come in a sleek, modern design that will complement any kitchen. With its airtight seal, patented inner lid and durable construction, the Airscape® coffee canister is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to
preserve the freshness and flavor of their coffee.



The main environmental factors that affect coffee are moisture and light. Moisture can cause coffee to become moldy and spoil, even a small amount. Whereas light causes coffee to go stale quickly. Use Airscape® to diminish the effects of these factors.



Oxygen will cause coffee to go stale and lose it’s flavor over time. When exposed to oxygen, the coffee begins to oxidize and breaks down, resulting in a dull, flat taste over time. With the two-way valve inside, Airscape® canisters first, push out oxygen, then lock it out preserving your beans or dry goods.



BPA-Free and Food Safe


Holds approximately 1lb of coffee. BPA free, stainless steel, patented technology, dishwasher safe.


Rubber sealed top lid, patented Airscape Inner Lid, food-safe brushed inside, stainless steel durable body, stackable bottom with non-slip rubber pad. Diameter: 4.75”  Height: 6.8”

Airscape Storage Container with Two Coffees

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