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Looking for a low acid coffee that is easy to drink all day? This Brazil is up to the task! Look for smooth and easy flavor notes like chocolate, almond and walnut. While it is great in a drip coffee maker, it is even better as a denser cup, like from a Moka Pot or espresso. Plus, just about everyone likes this bean, making this coffee a crowd pleaser perfect for serving in group settings.


ELEVATION: 3000 ft.

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate, nutty, almond, walnut

ROAST LEVEL: Medium-Dark

DEGASSING: 2-3 days

NOTES FOR BREWING: Good for drip, espresso and Moka Pot

VARIETALS: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Acaia

PROCESS: Natural Process


LOCAL BENEFIT: For every purchase of this coffee, 10% of profits are donated to Promise of Life Network. With six divisions teamed up to meet various needs in our community and beyond, they work to build communities where life is cherished from conception to natural death. United by one vision, six divisions strive to meet individuals at various stages of life and crossroads. Alpha Omega Center provides pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, and STD testing and treatment at no charge. Practical help is provided to families with young children through parenting education and material assistance via the New Beginnings division. The team at Healthy Relationships Today works to prevent unplanned pregnancies by teaching local students about healthy relationships and saving intimacy for marriage. Step into Hope is the network’s division that provides group or individual studies to women who have gone through abortion or have experienced a miscarriage, while inviting them into the hope and healing that only Christ can give. The international resource, At-Home Abortion Facts, is the only life-affirming website dedicated to the topic and encourages women who are seeking to have an abortion to visit their local pregnancy center and choose life for their unborn child. Sarah M. Bowen, the executive director of the Promise of Life Network, provides resources for pregnancy centers nationwide and authored Courageously Pro-Life, a twelve-week Bible study dedicated to equipping believers to live out their pro-life beliefs in impactful ways.


If you want to learn more about how they are impacting our community and beyond, or additional ways to partner with them, more information can be found at


INFO ABOUT THE ORIGIN: Cerrado is a region in the state of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil. Coffee has been a major crop in this region since the 1980’s mainly because of the devastating black frost of 1975 that forced growers from the Parana region to relocate north to Cerrado and other areas of Minas Gerais. Today, coffee is produced by over 4,500 growers on 175,000 hectares of farmland with yields of approximately 5.5 to 6.0 million bags per year. The coffee is grown in rich soil that the natives call “Terra Roxa” or “Red Earth” and other factors such as consistent rains, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters combine to make the Cerrado region ideal for producing coffee.

Brazil Cerrado Coffee

  • At Rock Falls Coffee Company, we pride ourselves in fresh coffee. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your coffee, please reach out to us so we can make it right. Whether its helping you to find a better coffee match for your palette or correcting an error on our part, our goal is to help you experience a better cup of coffee, hassle free. If you find that you are simply not happy with your coffee selection, send us a message. We'll exchange the unused coffee beans for a full refund!

  • We make every effort to get your order to you as quickly as possible. For orders placed Mon - Thur: Orders are delivered/shipped within 48 hours of being placed.

    For orders placed Fri - Sun: orders usually roast Monday and ship Tuesday.

    PLEASE NOTE: Orders for ground beans may require additional processing time to allow for proper degassing. We recommend our customers grind at home for faster delivery.

    DELIVERY: Usual delivery time within our delivery zone is afternoon, Mon – Fri.

    SHIPPING: For orders outside our delivery zone, anticipate shipping to take 2-5 business days after your order is placed.

    PICKUP: If you know you will see Tyler or Amanda, and would like to receive your order in person, please select "PICKUP" in your order. We will hold your order until we see you next.

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